How to Get the Best Deals on BIGO Diamonds!

You know what they say… Diamonds are a Streamer’s best friend! I know the feeling, your favourite streamer is live, and you want to support them, but you just haven’t got enough diamonds – if you follow these tips to find the best diamond discounts, you’ll never run into this problem again! Follow our socials! […]

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

You have questions, we have answers! What is the Discount Diamond Store?  The Discount Diamond Store  is an authorized third-party diamond reseller in North America! We sell Bigo diamonds at a discounted rate, to give you a better deal! How do I order? The only way to order with us is by coming here, to […]

3 Top Tips for Camera Confidence!

Ok, so you’ve pressed live on BIGO, and you’re broadcasting yourself to anyone who wants to watch you! Whether you’re streaming to 10 people, or to 10,000 people, one of the hardest things that never changes about streaming is: Being confident! So we’ve put together 3 tips to help you keep that energy going on […]

How to boost engagement on Bigo this Autumn

Have you been struggling with live stream engagement recently? We have collated a few tried and tested methods to help you boost your engagement for bigo live streams this autumn!  Teaser videos / images  You might have seen some streamers posting teaser videos or photos of themselves. This is a great way to briefly advertise […]