New to BIGO Live? 3 Tips and Tricks for new users to help settle in

Only just stumbled upon BIGO Live the other day? We bet you thought “Hey, this looks like a really great platform with amazing opportunities to become part of a welcoming and active community at every turn!” Ok, so maybe you didn’t think those exact words, whatever, we’re splitting hairs here. Point we’re trying to make […]

The Ultimate guide to recharging with us!

If you want to know all the ins and outs of recharging with us, Discount Diamond store, please read on and find out all the benefits! What is recharging? To recharge is to purchase diamonds on our store which can be used on the BIGO app. Recharging is key to make sure your account is […]

BIGO vs TikTok: Is there a huge difference?

It’s an interesting question for sure – You’ve got here two of the biggest content sharing platforms in the world, both offering unique and varied ways to showcase what makes you different and interesting. But they serve very different purposes, and it’s good to know what you can expect to see on each of them, […]