How to grow your fans on Bigo

If you want to know how to grow your fans on Bigo and attract more viewers to your lives, then this is the blog for you! We’re going to teach you step by step how to get more viewers and earn loyal fans! Step 1: Add a high quality profile picture This is really great […]

Gifting 101

If you use Bigo, you’ve probably jumped into a creator’s live stream and noticed other viewers were sending gifts to the host. Maybe you’ve even asked yourself, “should I be gifting them too?”. Let’s break down our top 3 reasons why Bigo users gift their favourite streamers and why you might want to try it […]

How to go live on Bigo

BIGO Live is a live video streaming platform perfect for showcasing your talents, making friends and sharing your life moments with your followers! If you have ever thought about going live on BIGO, this post is for you! Follow our step by step guide of how to go live on BIGO: Step 1: Click the […]