How to boost engagement on BIGO this Winter!

As the weather continues to get colder, and the hype of Christmas time has worn off, it may be the perfect period to boost your profile engagement! So, read on and get our best tips on how to stream away the winter blues. Interaction! This is the most important factor in growing fans and keeping […]

All you need to know about Gifting!

Gifting is a key part of the BIGO experience, whereby a viewer can send streamers ‘gifts’ to show a token of their appreciation. Everything you need to know about this will be laid out in this blog to help you become a key part of the BIGO Community! Exposure A great reason to gift is […]

Tips for new BIGO streamers!

This blog is ideal for any new and upcoming streamers who are slightly nervous in front of camera or for streamers who are looking to increase their audience! Firstly, have fun! The best way to engage with your new audience and increase followers is to enjoy streaming, as viewers will see this and be more […]

How and Why to send BIGO Diamonds to your favourite streamers

So how do I send BIGO Diamonds to my favourite streamers? Well, you don’t actually send BIGO Diamonds straight to your streamers, you send them in the form of a gift. These can be found on the bottom right of a streamers live video, in the form of a present icon. Different gifts are worth different […]

Tips to help all you BIGO rookies!

Here are some of the cool features within the app to help you get started! All about the home page The home page is where you can find sections to discover like; nearby, popular, chat and game. In the nearby section it will come up with accounts that are in your area, this will give […]

Frequently Asked Questions answered!

Who are we? We are the Discount Diamond store, the best place to purchase BIGO diamonds as we have the best prices around! We are also the longest running authorized third-party BIGO diamond reseller in North America. What’s not to like! So how do I order diamonds? Simply go to our website at to […]

Why you have to get your BIGO Diamonds from us!

We’ve all been there, you’re watching your favourite streamer and ready to gift only to realise you’ve run out of diamonds. Well, fear not! That’s were we, Discount Diamond Store, come in to save the day! This blog will lay out all the reasons why recharging with us is the best idea! Great deals! Here […]

Get to know the key features of BIGO!

Read on to understand the must-know features of BIGO! Visit the place to be in BIGO, the home page. Firstly, if you click on the ‘popular’ tab, you’ll be able to see the streamers who are gaining the most views and content related to what you enjoy. You will also be able to see all […]

All you need to know about : Recharging on BIGO

In need of diamonds quickly but unsure on how to get them? Thankfully, after reading this blog all of your questions will be answered in helping you become a recharge wizard! Why should I buy diamonds? Buying diamonds is a great way of showing your appreciation for all of the wonderful streamers you watch, a […]

Tips and Tricks to grow your platform on BIGO!

This is the ultimate guide on expanding your platform on BIGO, whether you are a seasoned pro with many followers or this is your first time starting and need tips on how to get your first fans. Get your name out there! This is simply sharing your account on any media you can. By doing […]