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5 Top Tips for Live Streaming on Bigo

Have you thought about live streaming but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you want a few extra tips to boost your platform and gain new followers? Check out 5 top tips for live streaming on Bigo provided by our very own live streaming expert – Diamond Girl! (Bigo ID DMNDgal) 

1) Be Consistent.

Try to go live at the same time every day. This will allow people to know when they can expect to catch you. 

2) Promote Yourself.

With a consistent schedule or not, it’s important to communicate when you are going live. Add your streaming schedule to your bio or display pic. Promote your PKs & other events ahead of time, and share your promo posts in DMs with your top fans. Do you have fun, creative incentives to offer? Be sure to promote those in writing and in your streams too!

3) Learn ALL the Ins & Outs of the App.

Explore and read everything. Some gifting activities earn you extra beans if you receive certain gifts, so you may want to ask for those. There are also fan lotteries that help draw more viewers to your room. Take advantage of the draw wheel and have people gift you for a spin, as an added incentive before the ones you’re offering on your wheel! 

4) Be Strategic.

Signing up for PKs is incredibly helpful for networking. Not only do you get to meet other hosts and chat, but you also get to meet their viewers – who can become new followers of yours too! It’s also important to look at the rewards for every PK: take advantage of events that give bean rewards just for participation and use those most when you’re seeking organic support. If you are planning to receive a certain amount of gifts (like through a swap), have those gifts sent to you during PKs with highest return rates! Be sure to also visit other streamers solo lives, PK events, and multi panels. If there’s space to join a multi and the host is welcoming you, this is an excellent opportunity to make new connections with more hosts and viewers! 

5) Be YOU.

Even if you’re playing a character, you want to be as authentic as possible. This will allow you to better connect with your audience as well as help keep streaming fun for you! Try not to provide what you think others are looking for; focus more on what you have and want to offer, and allow your network to build around that.

If you use these tips or have any tips of your own – let us know!