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All you need to know about Gifting!

Gifting is a key part of the BIGO experience, whereby a viewer can send streamers ‘gifts’ to show a token of their appreciation. Everything you need to know about this will be laid out in this blog to help you become a key part of the BIGO Community!


A great reason to gift is to grow your own profile and to help increase your own audience, as streamers will acknowledge your generosity and may give your username a shout-out to the viewers. Building a good rapport with other streamers is an important step to increase your exposure which will hopefully help you become a popular BIGO streamer!


If you watch a lot of streams on BIGO, you’ve probably heard the hosts thank users who send them gifts. Streamers will do this to show their appreciation for your support. They will usually give a shout out to the viewer who gifted them by mentioning their username during the stream.  Everybody loves a bit of recognition, so that is exactly what the hosts are doing for their fans when they shout them out!


If you support your favourite streamers by sending them gifts, then they will be encouraged and more motivated to keep on producing great quality streams for your entertainment! It also lets them know they are doing a good job so its great for morale.

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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