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How to order with Discount Diamonds

FAQ- How do I order diamonds? There is only one way to order with us, follow this step-by-step guide to order with Discount Diamonds! 

Step 1: Head over to our store – 

Search ‘discount diamond store’ or copy the web address into any browser to find our store! Once you are on our website click the “store” tab to find our diamond packages!

Step 2: Select a diamond package.

We offer a number of different diamond packages. The smallest package we offer is 2000 diamonds for $50 and the packages go all the way up to 447,000 diamonds! Click ‘add to cart’ for the packages you would like to purchase and you can choose from our packages to create a custom amount of diamonds!

Step 3: Checkout

Once you have added all the diamonds you would like to your cart, hit the ‘cart’ button at the top. This will allow you to review your order. Once you’re happy with your order, proceed to checkout. Here you will be asked to input your Bigo ID (it is super important this is imputed correctly so the diamonds get sent to the correct bigo account!). Once this is done, continue with payment and ensure you have an order confirmation! 

Step 4: Get diamonds!!

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation. Your order will be processed and your diamonds will be in your Bigo account within a matter of minutes! 

We often have sales so make sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow our Instagram ( to stay up to date with the latest offers!