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Buy Authorized Diamonds for Bigo Live from Bigo’s longest running North American reseller!

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Tips to help all you BIGO rookies!

Here are some of the cool features within the app to help you get started!

All about the home page

The home page is where you can find sections to discover like; nearby, popular, chat and game. In the nearby section it will come up with accounts that are in your area, this will give you good opportunities to chat to people in your area! On the home page if you click on the ‘popular’ tab it will show creators who are getting good amounts of views and relates to what you like.

From clicking on a profile that you like and jump on their live, from there you can scroll down to view related content that you’ve been waiting to discover, it’s really that easy.

Have a chat with others

Within the chat section there are a wide range of accounts who you can interact with and people that are currently live with other accounts, this allows you to listen to people chatting and you can also join the conversation or add to the conversation in the comments section!

Could the gaming section be for you?

There is also a gaming section which is perfect for all you gamers out there! You can sit and watch creators playing your favorite games enabling you to get tips for yourself and also connect with people that have the same interests as you in the comments section.

Don’t forget the explore section

There is also an explore section where you can select different regions to search in, not forgetting the featured tab where you can search different hashtags to find the profiles and content that you want to see!

Don’t forget the amazing in app editing features

Which allows you to create your own content, you can use the in-app camera to help you or you can upload your own videos, along with the amazing tools to help you edit your videos and don’t forget about going live!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Discount Diamond Store, 954 King St West, Toronto ON, M6K 3L9. All orders are final and may be susceptible to taxes.