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Why you have to get your BIGO Diamonds from us!

We’ve all been there, you’re watching your favourite streamer and ready to gift only to realise you’ve run out of diamonds. Well, fear not! That’s were we, Discount Diamond Store, come in to save the day! This blog will lay out all the reasons why recharging with us is the best idea!

Great deals!

Here at Discount Diamond Store, we pride ourselves on what we think are the best priced diamonds around. Not only do we have that, we also regularly run great sales and discounts quite often, always on seasonal holidays and also other cool events that are happening at the time. Whats not to like!

Our amazing 24/7 staff!

We have staff working around the clock; 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to provide an amazing customer experience, whether that be answering your queries in our dedicated support chat or via email. Our staff always being there for you means that you can receive your diamonds super quick, from 5-10 minutes after purchasing from our website.

We are reliable and trustworthy!

Well, firstly we are the longest running North American reseller of BIGO Diamonds which means we are legitimate and safe to use, and are also authorized by BIGO, so whats not to like! There are also a vast array of payment methods; such as Mastercard, Visa , Amex and Discover.

Happy Gifting!