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5 Amazing Ways to Grow your Profile on BIGO!

Whether you’re starting up for the first time and want to get your first fans, or if you’re an established streamer in the game trying to expand your reach even further, it’s always worth looking for some tips & tricks on how to grow your fan base.

And would you look at it – here are some of those tips:

Step 1: Profile Picture

Having a high quality profile picture can mean a lot of things to prospective followers – it can show them that you’re professional, have great attention to detail, and are taking this seriously. An attention grabbing profile picture will do just that. It’s a great way to attract the interest of new fans.

Step 2: Production Value

When you’re in visual media, presentation is key! A great way to show fans on BIGO that you mean business is to make sure you’re creating high quality content, that looks and sounds amazing. A good quality camera, a good quality mic, and some clever application of natural light (or an artificial light like a ring light) is a great way to make your streams look that little bit more professional.

Step 3: Audience Relationship

One of the best things about streaming, compared to other video platforms, is that you’re creating a living, interactive piece of content. That’s what fans are looking for when they join your stream, so be interactive! Say hello when fans join, banter with the live chat, and talk to the audience like the living, breathing thing that it is. Don’t sweat it if you’re feeling anxious about going live. We’ve got you covered with our top 3 Tips for Camera Confidence here.

Step 4: Collaboration

It’s always a great idea to collaborate with other streamers – when you’re working alongside someone else, you’re interacting with a whole new fanbase, who may have never come across you before. You’re giving yourself the chance to appeal to a whole new audience, and you’re giving your fellow streamers that chance too, and it’s a chance that nobody who’s serious about streaming should miss.

Step 5: Sharing

BIGO is great, but let’s not forget that people are on different platforms too – it’s always worth sharing your content across your other social profiles, to reach even those unlucky souls who are yet to use BIGO. You’ll have the opportunity to reach a whole new demographic of fans when you share your content as far as you can!

At the end of the day though, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, so how about you start up that stream and cut loose – the fans will love it, and so will you.

Good luck, streamers, and have fun!

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