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How and why to send BIGO Diamonds to your favorite streamers

So how do I send BIGO Diamonds to my favourite streamers?

Well, you don’t actually send BIGO Diamonds straight to your streamers, you send them in the form of a gift. These can be found on the bottom right of a streamers live video, in the form of a present icon.

Different gifts are worth different prices and depending on how generous you are feeling you can send them a small or big reward! For example you can gift a streamer on their live video with a ‘rose’ which is worth 2 Diamonds or you can send a ‘little monster’ which is worth 999 Diamonds. If you really want to show your streamer how much you are enjoying their live you could gift a ‘Luxury Yacht’ for 39999 Diamonds! 

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Why should I send Diamonds to streamers?

One of the main reasons to gift diamonds is to show support to your favourite streamers, which in turn allows them to keep creating good content to keep you and all the other viewers happy and entertained. 

Another great reason to gift is to grow your own profile and to help increase your own audience, as streamers will acknowledge your generosity and may give your username a shoutout to the viewers. Building a good rapport with other streamers is an important step to increase your exposure which will hopefully help you become a popular BIGO streamer!

Hope this helps all you BIGO users and happy gifting!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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