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“Should I really buy BIGO Diamonds?” The What, Why, and How to Recharging your BIGO account!

You’ve been enjoying the BIGO Live app for a few days, found some exciting new streamers but you keep hearing that you need to buy Diamonds?! Not sure where to begin?

Let’s start with this question: What are BIGO Diamonds?

Diamonds are the in-app currency used on BIGO Live, and they’re the key to the community. You can buy them directly on the app, or you can get some amazingly cheap deals from accredited resellers like us. You use diamonds to gift to your favourite streamers and really show your appreciation.

So Why Buy BIGO Diamonds? (Surely just watching streamers and following them is all I need to do?)

When you do a BIGO recharge, you’re able to send more and more gifts to the streamers who you feel really deserve some recognition. Every gift shows the world how fantastic your streamer is and, in turn, how loyal and supportive their following is too. Remember – you’re not just just showing appreciation, you’re rewarding them for the amazing show they’re putting on for you!

Let’s Do This! How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get started is to recharge with us! We hold many Flash Sales, drop secret discount codes in our newsletters, and announce great deals on our Instagram ( – we’ve even dropped discount codes in our previous blogs!

Check out our New Year, Cheap Diamonds blog to get New Year’s Resolution ideas and to find the secret code.

To recharge, go to our Discount Diamond Store homepage and scroll down to see some amazing deals. Once you’ve decided on your favourite Diamond package, go through to checkout, and we will verify your order. Your diamonds will be with you in less than 15 minutes thanks to our incredible 24/7 team. Then you’ll be good to go and reward your chosen streamers again!

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