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New Year, Cheap Diamonds

Tips on how to get the cheapest diamonds for BIGO LIVE, suggesting resolutions for bloggers and watchers in order to get them on the past path forward through 2022. 

Colour banner with the words "NEW YEAR, CHEAP DIAMONDS", with the BIGO LIVE dinosaur - holding a present, and "2022" in colourful text.

2021 went by so quickly, and it had its ups and downs, for sure. It was a year that had drama, controversy, and excitement.

For some of us though, it was a year of Cheap Diamonds!

But it’s a new year… 2022 is here, and we’re here for it – so we thought we’d share some ideas for New Years Resolutions that you can use on BIGO, that can help make 2022 a great year!

Connect with new people

If 2021 was a year of isolation, 2022 should be a year for socialising. And what better way than to jump on BIGO and find some new streamers, and get involved in some new communities.

Be generous

It’s scientifically proven that being a little more generous in your day to day life is good for your health – it’s even known to increase your life expectancy. So why not give a gift here or there while you’re on the app? It’ll help build that generous habit that might leave you healthier come the end of this year.

Save some money

If you want a little extra change in your pocket come 2023, it’ll help to be a little bit thrifty. A great way to save a little bit at a time, is to make sure you get your diamonds cheap. When you buy BIGO diamonds from us, you’re buying from a genuine BIGO reseller, which means you’re getting great deals on legit diamonds.

As a treat, have this 10% off coupon on us – SECRET10

These are some of our New Years Resolutions that we wanted to share. 2021 was interesting, but we’ve enjoyed it – 2022 is live on BIGO, and we can’t wait to spend the new year with you all!