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Main features of BIGO live

What is BIGO live?

BIGO LIVE is a global live video social media platform. 

We encourage people to share their daily life to the world and aim to build an active social community where people can communicate with videos contents. Just one touch to go live, you can show your talents and get your followers, receive gifts from your supporters.

Main features of BIGO live; Viewer engagement 

Your viewers can comment whist you are live so you can answer their questions that pop up or have a conversation with them. Also you can encourage people to send you diamonds to help build your platform.

Don’t forget you can go live with any of your fellow streamers and have conversations about topics you are both passionate about.

Going live allows streamers to do ‘battles’ called ‘PK’s’. This is where one streamer will go up against another streamer and whoever has been given the most gifts, wins. 

Start a regular live, multi-guest live, audio live or game live

Regular live is where you’ll be able to connect with your viewers on a solo basis. With a multi-guest live (also known as a panel) you’ll be able to join in a group of 4, 6, 9 or 12 streamers! Each multi-guest live has a host who can control who is able to join the live. If you’re a video game streamer then game live is perfect for you, live stream your games with your viewers. Don’t want to be on camera but are still thinking about going live? Just simply hit the audio live option where your viewers will be able to hear you live.

Add a title and live tags

By adding a title and live tags to your live, e.g. #music or #dance, it enables viewers to easily find your videos and will help your videos to be discovered.

Use of diamonds

As explained previously diamonds can be exchanged for gifts to give to the streamers. By gifting streamers you are showing them that you enjoy their content which will encourage them to produce more! So, if you enjoy the content of a streamer – don’t forget to give them a gift to show your appreciation.

Don’t forget to add your streaming schedule to your bio or display pic. Promote your PKs & other events ahead of time, and share your promo posts in DMs with your top fans. Happy streaming!