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BIGO vs TikTok: Is there a huge difference?

It’s an interesting question for sure – You’ve got here two of the biggest content sharing platforms in the world, both offering unique and varied ways to showcase what makes you different and interesting.

But they serve very different purposes, and it’s good to know what you can expect to see on each of them, whether you’re a creator, or a viewer!

1. Length of content

Tiktok is incredibly varied in that it offers a form of micro-entertainment that lets you keep yourself busy for a few minutes, or get lost down a rabbit hole for hours. BIGO’s main form of content, on the other hand, is all about live streams. Going live is the lifeblood of BIGO, and generally viewers can expect content that goes a little beyond the 15 second burst TikTok offers.

2. Style of Content

Tiktok primarily focuses on allowing users to create short, prerecorded and edited videos and post them on the platform for anyone to scroll past and watch – You can so easily pick and choose what you want to watch just by deciding whether or not to keep scrolling. You can go live on Tiktok, but not until you hit 1000 followers. BIGO focuses on live streams, and so the content is often improvised, and is much more interactive – viewers can constantly chat with streamers, and even donate to them in the form of gifts that show up on the stream. On top of that, anyone can stream on BIGO, just sign up and you’re good to go!

3. Community Focus

When you’re on Tiktok, there are huge pockets of content, where you can find all sorts of videos by experts and enthusiasts on certain topics, and immerse yourself in the world of whatever fascinates you – Although, there isn’t the same focus on linking individual users together through the platform – BIGO offers the ability to start group or 1-on-1 video calls so that you can really get involved with the community – all this on top of the ability to talk in real time in live chats on streams.

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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