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It’s here! The all new Diamond Hunters Community!

We’re so excited to announce the Diamond Hunters Community, a super exciting exclusive group for those wanting to win diamonds, participate in flash sales and most importantly have fun! All you have to do is send us your phone number, so we can message you directly so you can be the first to know about all the amazing things we have to offer.

Why should I sign up?

Well, the answer is simple, to be the first people to know about the exclusive events, and to make things even better they may even be personalized to you. For example, the Diamond Hunters Community will run birthday giveaways, so when we know its your big day we will gift you something very special. How amazing is that! You’ll also be notified via text message as soon as sales start or perhaps when a new puzzle has launched which gives you the opportunity to win cool prizes.

The 3 tiers of the Diamond Hunters Community

The first and most basic tier is the Diamond Hunter – to be included just register your phone number with us to be alerted when flash sales or games and prizes are announced. In this tier, the giveaways can reach up to 2000 diamonds.

The second tier is Elite Hunters – In this tier you will be able to have a bigger option of discounts and the prize of diamond giveaways can be up to 4200 diamonds. To be eligible in this tier you must complete one of our fiendish riddles and then your treasure awaits!

The last tier is for VIP Hunters – this tier is for customers with a lifetime spend of over $50,000 with us! In this tier you will receive 5000 diamonds on your birthday, but wait there’s more! You’ll also have access to the best, the biggest, the most brilliant sales and prizes we offer.

I want to be involved, how do I sign up?

Great news , signing up has never been easier! Pick up your phone and text ‘KEYWORD’ to 123-456-7891 and then sit tight and wait for the fun to begin.

And just like that, welcome to the Diamond Hunters Society!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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