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Tips and Tricks to grow your platform on BIGO!

This is the ultimate guide on expanding your platform on BIGO, whether you are a seasoned pro with many followers or this is your first time starting and need tips on how to get your first fans.

Get your name out there!

This is simply sharing your account on any media you can. By doing this, you can show your account on other social media sites so you open yourself to even more people and then can potentially win them over as fans!

Maintain a great relationship with your audience!

If you’re streaming, you will be performing live to an audience. You will need to keep them entertained by talking to them, making them feel welcome and special. The more you do this and the better you get at it, more and more fans will be tuning in to the stream!

Have a good profile picture

This simple tip may be overlooked, but it will be the first thing new fans will look at and associate you by. Spending a little bit of time making sure your profile picture is of good quality and looks professional can really win fans over, new and old.

Overall, have fun and be yourself! New viewers and fans will enjoy it and hopefully after these tips you can become a top streamer in no time at all!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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