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New to BIGO Live? Need some fun and exciting streamers to watch? Read this!

So you’ve just created a BIGO account – Great news, welcome to the community – but you still haven’t worked out what you like to watch yet.

We’ll look no further – we’ll tell you how to find brand new streamers and communities to spend your time with on BIGO live!

A great way to get started, is by checking out Nearby Lives – this is a great way to see what streamers in your vicinity are getting up to. Here you’ll see what streamers are local to you, and you can join in the fun with nearby communities!

There’s also the Nearby Meet tab – this lets you see a bunch of BIGO accounts local to you, who might not be live right at the moment you’re on the app – you can check out their profile and see the kind of stuff they get up to. Then you can pick someone you like, and get ready for the next time they go live!

If nothing local tickles your fancy, why not check out the Popular Lives? This is where you’ll see all sorts of amazing streamers who are live right now from all over the world – but the key part is that people from all over the world are enjoying those streams too – this tab is where you get to put your finger on the pulse of what the BIGO community wants to see!

So why not expand your horizons and check out some new streamers today?

After all – with all our amazing deals for cheap diamonds – why not find someone worthy of giving a gift today? Click here to learn how to gift your favourite streamers today!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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