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Top 3 features of BIGO!

Read here to find out the best features of BIGO!

Check out the Gaming Section

Here you can watch all of your favourite streamers playing the games you love, where they can also give you tips on how to get better! Not only do you get tips you can also interact with people in the comments who share familiar interests with you.

Visit the place to be in BIGO, the home page!

Firstly, if you click on the ‘popular’ tab, you’ll be able to see the streamers who are gaining the most views and content related to what you enjoy. You will also be able to see all people ‘nearby’ who you can connect with, allowing you to grow your own circle on BIGO. The home page also has ‘gaming’ and ‘chat’ tabs which again gives you opportunity to discover new things!

Discover the In-App editing features

By clicking into this area, you can upload your own videos while using the in-app camera and also edit the videos using all the special BIGO tools. This is also the main place to be if you are a streamer as it will be where you start your lives from!

This blog has hopefully given you a good insight into the different features of BIGO and how to use them!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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