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The 3 Popular Streaming Platforms of 2022

So we’re halfway through 2022, so we thought we’d do a review of some of the amazing platforms for creators to share some amazing streams with their viewers. 

1. Twitch

If you’re a gamer, we can almost guarantee you know about Twitch. It’s an amazing platform to broadcast your gaming, live for all to see.  Twitch is ideal for those who love a fast-paced and exciting streaming experience!

2. Instagram Live

Although not a dedicated streaming platform Instagram Lives are a great way to engage with your followers – in-app notifications that tell your followers when you go live are a great tool for when you want to start an ad hoc stream. Instagram Lives are a great space for Q&As, promoting new projects, and keeping up to date with your favourite personalities!

3. BIGO Live

We’ve saved the best till last (no… we aren’t biased at all!)

BIGO is a dedicated streaming platform like Twitch, and has a wide variety of content to suit anyone. You will find your people and community here. BIGO is one of the biggest content platforms in the world, and has such a broad spectrum of content to sink your teeth into – if you can broadcast it, it’s on BIGO. 

So there you have it, 3 of the best live streaming services out there at the moment – if you want to get started on BIGO, or need to stock up your wallet, click here to see how to get a BIGO recharge!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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