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Tips for success on Bigo

Have you recently joined Bigo and would like to know how to be successful? We’ve created some tips to help you get started!

Tip 1: Identify your talents and show them to the world

Are you passionate about something? Or have a really cool skill or interest? Showcase the talents that you have! This likely will mean that you are showing people something new that they haven’t seen before and will be more engaging and exciting.

Tip 2: Be creative 

Think of weird and wacky ways in which you can show your talents. This will keep your videos fresh and help keep your viewers engaged!

Tip 3: Share multiple videos each day

Get your name out there! If you post multiple times a day you are more likely to pop up on people’s feed and so this is a great way to get new viewers! 

Tip 4: Collaborate with influential figures

Do you have friends that are already popular on the app? See if you can set up a PK or collaborative video with them. This will bring attention to yourself and can increase your following! 

Last but not least… HAVE FUN!!

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We’re open for diamond sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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